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  • Powerful yet humane critique of those involved in the baby-making business!

Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. It is unsurprising then that huge efforts have been made to increase our fertility. In vitro fertilisation, first attempted one hundred years ago, has now become big business. Market forces, combined with the desperation of many couples to fulfil their biological imperative, have pushed doctors and scientists closer to the boundaries of what is desirable or ethical.

IVF – A Child Against All Odds (1) | BioethicsBytes

They signed him up to a local after-school dance program where it became clear that this was a child who could really dance. Through great effort and hard work, and a huge amount of encouragement and support from the staff, Zvika was able to focus on his dance during his high school years.

He continued to live in Reut and depend on the loving staff there, who were like a family to him. They wanted only the best for him, and to help him become a professional dancer, as it was clear that this was his dream and his destiny. After his senior year in high school, Zvika was accepted to attend a summer course at the Alvin Ailey Academy in New York, which is one of the most prestigious dance academies in the USA. There, the eight-hour days and immense pressure pushed him and his muscles to new levels, as he learned advanced skills and techniques from the best dancers in the States.

A Child Against All Odds

Zvika graduated from high school with a full matriculation, which is testament to his hard work and self-discipline. He is now married and has a baby, and works as a professional dancer. He also spends time teaching dance to children-at-risk, making a special connection with those who have had a hard start in life, and inspiring them to believe in a brighter future.

He keeps in touch with the team at Orr Shalom, who gave him all that he needed to become who he is today. The musical tells the story of a little boy with a passion to dance who struggles against all the odds to make his dreams come true and become a dancer.

We think that the story of Zvika is pretty amazing, and wish him every success with his career. I am so proud to work with a charity that takes children like Zvika and helps them to turn their lives around and look forward to a brighter future. Ruth Wellins. I have lived in Israel for 20 years, mostly in Anglo communities, and currently living in Bet Shemesh. I recently walked away from my job in the accountancy sector to do something more meaningful and challenging, and love my new job in Orr Shalom, helping children who have suffered from terrible abuse and neglect.