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Most people are just using her very incorrectly thinking she is a pure sniper.

She is extremely versatile and has few counters. Once all the rage about Gal calms down and more people become proficient with Thorn you will see a lot more complaints about her. The thing is every character has some sort of annoying ability.

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  • Where did Arya jump from? The Game of Thrones battle was riddled with problems.

If the other team is paying attention, I get stunned as soon as I land, then I usually die. These players kill me more than others, so as Thorn, I avoid them, keep my distance and will only engage them if I have support.

Battleborn Game Features Explained

I had an Oscar mike that did not have a problem shooting my health down as I jumped around. When up in the air you are completely vulnerable to long range attacks. Whoever is your long range on your team should take that opportunity to whittle Thorn down. The screen is focused on a chat box requesting heals. So pick up that comically oversized gatling gun, grab some friends and jump into a competent FPS MOBA hybrid that's surprisingly fun to play They're taking the mid Thrall camp.

I'm going back to League. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Clips of characters taunting involving Ambra , Boldur , Montana and Rath Gear up for Battleborn's unique gameplay style that fluctuates between dumbed down and overcomplicated and choose your champion from one of 25 Battleborn Oscar Mike: I can do this all day! ISIC : You're right! Change language. Install Steam. Play the Battleborn Free Trial! Players can now pick up Battleborn as a free downloadable experience that grants UNLIMITED access to all competitive multiplayer gameplay modes and maps, without any time limits or level caps.

To keep things fresh, there is a weekly rotation of six heroes from the roster of 30 total heroes. Progress with each hero and player account progression is also permanent, so when the same character comes back around players can pick them up where they left off.

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Steam Store Already own Battleborn? Keep on reading to find out what being a Founder entails. When is the Free Trial available? The Free Trial is now available globally on Steam!

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This queue was created just for new and lower rank players to learn the ropes without being matched with more experienced players. Balance aside, wrecking others in this MOBA mode is a ton of fun. Incursion, however, adapts that formula for quicker matches by limiting every game to 30 minutes and replacing defensive towers with powerful spider-like mechs called Sentries.

To win, a team needs to destroy both Sentries. I played on the map Overgrowth, a jungle filled with neutral enemies, turret spots, and dead-end side paths. It features one long, winding lane with five main open areas — two being the team bases.

Where did Arya jump from? The Game of Thrones battle was riddled with problems

While each team is guaranteed two areas by its Sentries, the one open area in the middle is where the war really happens. What helps even more is purchasing and enlisting bigger, more powerful minions.

While one is available for purchase by the outer Sentry, the more effective recruits are lurking off the main path. Like other MOBAs, there are camps of neutral enemies that can be defeated for extra bonuses. The Outcast Thrall are tough to kill at first. Once defeated, and their platform captured, an allied version of the beasts will join the rest of your minions in pushing the lane. When a team falls behind, the advantage in the open area easily goes to the defending team. Each time I played neither team managed to destroy both Sentries, but the team that had done the most damage to the machines won.

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As with most MOBAs, teamwork is still incredibly important, as is team composition. You can purchase a few regeneration spots or teleport back to base, but those take you far away from the action. In the few rounds I played, it was evident that the team with a more balanced team had the greater advantage.

Overgrowth has quite a few choke points.