Guide Rodney the Rattlesnakes’ Incredible Journey

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And, next time you are in the area, definitely plan a jaunt to Rodney! What a stunning post! What made them leave? Ashleigh: These are beautiful. We have a hunting camp by this area. I have been in these churches with my children. I will contact your e-mail address. I would love to get a print. Thank you. Heather, thank you! I am kind of jealous that you have a hunting camp in the area! The land is stunning back there. Yes, please let me know about which print you are interested in:. Aw, thank you, Juergan!

I am always fascinated by southern towns for exactly the questions you listed— how did people live here, what made them leave, will anyone come back? Thank you, so much, Rick, for your positive feedback! I love your posts on Mississippi. Thank you, Mary! Glad you are enjoying our Mississippi Road Trip series. Vicksburg is next, and then Jackson!

Rodney the Rattlesnakes' Incredible Journey by Mark Trent - - Dymocks

We visited Rodney several years ago on a road trip through Mississippi—verrrrrrry spooky! These photos capture it perfectly! Larissa, Rodney is a little spooky, but also so wonderful! It makes me happy that you have visited it yourself!

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Beautiful work! Both of my maternal grandparents were born in Rodney………. Still, a beautiful place to visit in the winter time……….. In March, watercress grows there in flowing springs………. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Triptych by Ida Floreak. Zion Baptist Church, A traveling companion. Adventurers Please note that proper footwear should be worn in Rodney during the warm months. A man was bitten by a rattlesnake last year in front of Mt. Zion Baptist Church!

Rodney the Rattlesnakes’ Incredible Journey

PJs and playing in the flood water, why not? Pin 1. Share 9. Tweet Tags: abandoned , cemeteries , churches , Civil War , ghost towns , guest contributor posts , historical , intriguing people , photoessay , photography , reflections , rivers , weddings. Jeff Wilmot on January 10, at PM. Michael Gaylard on November 22, at AM.

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I understand your fascination with the place. Howard Blount on November 22, at PM. Jennifer Cook on January 22, at AM. Howard Blount on January 22, at PM. Erik Herrmann Sr. Ashleigh on December 30, at PM. Terry Shields on November 12, at PM. Jen Chace on November 2, at PM. Jen Chace Reply. Kathy Albonetti on April 17, at AM. Sharon larkins on April 3, at AM. Ashleigh Coleman on April 4, at PM. Pearson on March 24, at AM. Warmly, Ashleigh Reply. Lorraine Chamberlain on November 19, at PM. Ashleigh on November 21, at PM. Marion Drennen on October 23, at PM.


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Snake Symbolism

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If we push Him away, He will not force us. So, the enemy is always trying to destroy and kill you. His goal is to take us out. Your husband picking you up is symbolic of Jesus picking you up. He loves you! He created you.

You remember that one well! Seek interpretation. Find someone who will help you find Him, so that you can have the life abundant He has already paid for you to have. Just wanted to thank everyone who left their stories and comments here. I manage bluebird nest boxes and monitor wild bird nests as well. This week I had two encounters with large black rat snakes that were attempting to eat baby birds.


In both cases, I was able to capture the snake before it got to the nest and move it about a mile away to a new, but similar habitat. It took all my courage to pick up these two large snakes one was at least six feet long and the other around 5 feet long and choose not to injure them. I am still pondering the meaning of why these snakes came into my life one after another, two days in a row.