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Such a definite redemption stands in contrast to the Arminian view, which claims that Christ did not actually save anyone in particular by His death, but merely made salvation possible for everyone. The Arminian holds that Christ, when He died, did not die with an intent to save any particular person. They believe that Christ died to make the salvation of all men possible; and that by the doing of something else, any man who pleases may attain unto eternal life.

They hold that there was no secure particularity and specialty in the death of Christ. Christ died, according to them, as much for Judas in hell as for Peter who mounted to heaven. Why, then, are not all men saved?

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Because all men will not believe? That is to say that believing is necessary in order to make the blood of Christ efficacious for redemption. We hold that to be a great lie. But, beloved, you and I do not believe in a sham redemption which does not redeem. We do not believe in a universal redemption which extends even to those who were in hell before the Savior died, and which includes the fallen angels as well as unrepentant men. To the contrary, Spurgeon held that Christ accomplished the saving mission for which He came into the world.

He believed that Jesus came to save a definite number of sinners, namely, those the Father chose and gave to Him before time began. Spurgeon insisted that Jesus was not frustrated at the cross. In other words, Christ did not die in vain for any who die in unbelief. We hold that Christ, when He died, had an object in view; and that object will most assuredly and beyond a doubt be accomplished.

Did Christ at one tremendous draft of love drink my damnation dry, and shall I be damned after that? God forbid! Put another way, the former see an unlimited extent but a limited effect. The latter see a limited extent but an unlimited effect. We are often told that we limit the atonement of Christ, because we say that Christ has not made a satisfaction for all men, or all men would be saved. Now, our reply to this is, that, on the other hand, our opponents limit it: we do not.

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The Arminians say, Christ died for all men. Ask them what they mean by it. Did Christ die so as to secure the salvation of all men? Up until six years ago I worked as a psychoanalyst in France, the European country now spending the most on pill popping.


I also trained to become a clinical psychologist. It is a dualistic framework which ultimately divorces intellectual.. And for many years, France has been.. Telling word, that… But, at this point in time, the shrink that I am tells me that this divorce between head and hands and dirt… has had damaging effects on our psyches not just….

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Spending your days typing on a clean? Many people here are out in orbit. This… is not progress. Getting our hands dirty in the earth… would go far towards healing our unconnected minds, at this point. And… a little hard physical labor would remind us to that we are not just… homo SAPIENS, or at least that homo sapiens does not have to be… homo theoreticus. Walking through plots taking field notes every three days gets tiresome, quickly.

And the average person would agree with me. Still, I certainly have colleagues that love field work. I agree people need to get their hands dirty…at least from time to time. Having lived on an organic farm for a few years now, I have the chance to see new people coming in every year to farm.

My experience is that most of them love it. However, not that many people continue doing it, because it is incredibly hard to support oneself by being an organic farmer.

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For me, cheap conventional food is a big part of the problem. This food is so cheap because of artificially low prices for non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels, and because many of the costs are externalized. But to make a livelihood out of it however, much of this satisfaction disappears. This is not, in my opinion, because farming sucks, but because the economic infrastructure its embedded in does. Why are more jobs a bad thing again?

And another thing, because of the huge variety of fruits, nuts, and vegetables produced there is very little danger that the entire farm will be wiped out by insects or disease. The same cannot be said for monoculture. Agree with much of the above.

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I think that we really do not imagine… how many prejudices we have at this time about lots of things, including farming. Last year I let my cherry tomatoes run wild in their plot, and out of laziness.. The weeds kept the moisture in, and allowed me to not water as much. While my… industrious and disciplined neighbors constanstly busy with pesticides complained about their poor tomato crop, mine did just fine.

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We have intellectual blinders on… More hands means.. Of course that gets tiresome quickly! The problem is the centralisation of food distribution. A few people doing all the work for heaps, dealing with one crop all the time.

None of the intricacies of crop rotation, companion planting, any of the interesting stuff that goes into growing a whole bunch of different things on a small scale for a small community. Putting a part of the responsibility for food on to everybody. That is a good question. I believe it comes out of a misunderstanding of economics. Rather than debate theory, we look at reality. We typically see people eating very healthfully and with greater variety than in the industrial system.

We pay the environmental damage caused by industrial agriculture. We pay for the reduction in physical activity and increase in toxins by buying gym memberships, diet books and programs and medical care. We pay in welfare and other social programs because the reduction in labor numbers creates unemployment. We pay in many ways that have a calculable monetary cost for the industrial food we buy.

The problem is that since those costs are spread out and unaccounted instead of concentrated on the price tag, we look at the price tag and call the food cheap. It has benefited those who make money from the system. Knowing full well that with ten years of practice of the right kindvirtuosos can be trained, but to what end? Justin Ma — There are many many people in this world who love to farm, or garden — to grow things and immerse themselves in the world of earth, plants and nature.