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The idea of using lasers to correct autism also brings up memories of lobotomies in the past. It seems that every day the psychs come up with a new term for mental illness.

I Have Borderline Personality Disorder

I believe this simply points out that the real mental illnesses are to be found in their field. By coming up with another term,they insure they will be needed by people who see demons behind every rock and feel sure that they have the symptoms. Yeah, but what they described is the pain I feel everyday. I'm so glad I saw this, I don't feel broken anymore, there is a reason why I am this way.

Psychiatry is NOT a science.

Those who practice it as in try, try again often admit, themselves, that they haven't a clue what they are talking about much the same as psychologists. Doing this enables them to circumnavigate reason and sell drugs or vaccinations. It is vaccination, driven by the Nonsense Tale of the 'Germ' theory that causes problems for those who have had them. It's funny how you go from saying that psychiatry isn't based in science, to claiming that the "Germ Theory" isn't either.

That's what I call one giant leap.

Much confusion comes from a lack of consistency in feelings and thoughts…

You know, you don't have to disregard centuries of medical science not to mention common sense just to be able to call yourself anti-vax. All you have to do is refer to one particular falsified study and people will believe you. IF you diagnose me with an illness, then give me medication that destroys how my brain works then you better be able to prove this Not just some a--hole who looks at me and says your crazy.

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There is no evidence to back up the chemical dependancy argument. I mostly agree with you; but not totally.

the edge of crazy life on the borderline Manual

I think that the diagnoses of mental illness has sky rocketed in the past 10 years - due to commercials by pharmaceutical companies that have somehow brainwashed people into believing that what is actually normal,ordinary emotions; due to stress or just everyday life is not only abnormal - its a disease and can and MUST be cured by taking a pill.

Its terrible! I have 5 kids. All of whom have normal personal issues, and one that suffers from this disorder. Let me tell you something; someone who really has this disorder- its quite apparent that the person is not having a plain old ordinary problem like we all have from time to time. It becomes increasingly clear that this is different- that something is very wrong. A person who suffers from this- this goes far and beyond anything that could be considered even close to normal. Its difficult for the person who has it, and its very difficult for the family to deal with. Its constant chaos for everyone involved.

Granted, I was distracted while trying to watch this, 8 week old puppy is chewing up everything in the house and generally causing mayhem wherever she goes, but I never heard any real specifics as far as symptoms. It sounded more like someone just being a pr1ck in general to me. I'll watch it again later, little Jo-Jo's reign of terror can't last much longer, she is usually asleep by now.

About 25 years ago, I was tentatively diagnosed with this disorder, back when I take it a lot less was understood about it. I'm gonna have to check this out and see if any of it rings true with the way I was then. Personally, I suspect a lot of whatever difficulties I had were due to fairly serious substance-abuse as a cause, not a symptom , but what the hell do I know?

Should have tried Cymbalta, cures everything except it's own side effects - its true, I saw the adverts! I always liked the name of Homer Simpson's alternative band, "Sadgasm". Ratings: 7. Share this Documentary :. Too much focus on the emotional issues Very helpful, wish they would talk more about the cures, solutions etc.

I think I just diagnosed myself. Me too brother.

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Great documentary. Feel free to erase this too. I was just talking about you a couple days ago. Adam Young You say that, and I quote "the quest of freedom ultimately results in freedom from responsibility" Forgive me but this seems to me a misunderstanding. Just a thought. Sometimes you eat the bipolar bear Watch this and then the "Science" of the Gaps. And I don't know about you, but my therapist never once tried to have me vaccinated. No, thanks! My view of American TV also ;.

Psychologically speaking, they could all be diagnosed with shades of Borderline Personality Disorder BPD , a sort of femme fatale of the new millennium, the very traits of which—a black-white world-view, deep fear of abandonment, passionate mood swings, unstable relationships and devastating vulnerability—can add up to an intoxicating woman-child with a dark side.

Just ask Mike. He was a year-old grad student in San Francisco, happily ensconced in a stable long-distance relationship when he met the ethereal Elizabeth at a party. Their chemistry was immediate. They talked until dawn. Soon, Mike was breaking up with his girlfriend to fall headlong into a passionate affair with Elizabeth. There was just something enchanted about it, something like going back to childhood about it. And, borderline experts say, is what makes partners with this particularly disorder so engaging at first. Borderline Personality Disorder is defined by the DSM-IV, the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, as "a pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image and affects, as well as marked impulsivity, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts.

Sometimes I Act Crazy: Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Today, about 1. And with the right kind of treatment, they can become accomplished individuals with thriving careers. However, many are also survivors of child sex abuse and grow up deeply self-conscious, in desperate need for control. Eating disorders are common. Lots of time is spent perfecting their outward appearance. This in turn complicates their intense sexual allure, which is ultimately a kind of survival mechanism.

Of course, the men who are drawn to women with BPD often have issues of their own. On the surface, the attraction can look like run-of-the-mill infatuation.